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production process

Fine blanking
Disc springs with material thickness between 1mm and 6mm are generally fine blanked.this method improves the fatigue life of the spring

Shot peening process
All Shuangyuan disc springs are shot peened using standard methods. The residual compressive stresses introduced to the peripheral layer through shot peening significantly increase the service life of the springs.

Heat Treatment
The heat treatment of disc springs is a fundamental
Production step for achieving the required spring character-
Istic.Depending upon the spring dimensions,modern
Continuous feed furnaces or chamber ovens are avaiable.
We have austempering and quenching and tempering
Processes available.

Set loss can occur due to high stresses of the spring.in oder to reduce the risk of set loss,Shuangyuan pre-sets all disc springs at least to the flat position.this process greatly improves the quality of the spring and therefore is a requirement of the DIN 2093 standard

The standard corrosion protection,zinc phosphating and oiling,is made with afully automated continuous flow process,which guarantees uniform coating thickness at a reasonable cost

Delivery of disc spring stacks
Disc springs are often used in pre-assembled stacks.Shuangyuan is able to deliver pre-assembled stacks and if desired,
Install these stacks in the final assembly device.Shuangyuan can also manufacture these assembly devices per customer request.Test certificates(e.g.100% load testing) can also be provided upon request

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